On 2011-06-28, Murat Yildizoglu wrote:

> Lyx is not able to recognize \section like commands and translate them to
> its environment structure (this is how I got the \lyxframeend problem: I
> wanted to have more readable section titles, by selection the corresponding
> environment for them). 

Looks like SW uses non-standard ways to mark up sections. Maybe
pre-processing the *.tex file before the LyX import helps.

> This is really very annoying indeed... We can only gain our co-authors to
> Lyx if the conversion from Latex is quite painless.

Indeed. However, conversion from "machine written" LaTeX (be it
OpenOffice, SW, a Word2TeX converter or some other front end) is
always even more complicated. Some of these tools do "fingerpainting"
instead of structring the document.


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