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I have a LyX document and I want to include some master forms in an appendix. The forms were created in OO.o and converted to letter
sized PDFs.  Is there a way in LyX to have these pages, when printed
from the PDF generated from the LyX document, print as full size
pages?  Whatever I try ends up with the PDF scaled to fit inside the
page margins.


I can think of three ways of doing this.

Firstly, insert the PDF pages as figures, which appears to be what you
have been doing, but then use the clipping option to clip an existing
border from the inserted page. This will only work if the inserted PDF
page has a margin as large as the margin in the LyX document.

Secondly, you can insert blank pages in your LyX document where you
want the PDF pages inserted, and put the real pages into your exported
PDF file using pdftk.

The third way is to use the pdfpages package. This is supported in LyX
2.0 through Insert->File->External Material. I don't remember if it is
supported in earlier versions, but even if it isn't you can use LaTeX
code to make it work. See the LaTeX documentation for the package:


Thanks Les.  I will try the first two options.  I really appreciate the tip!

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