On 28/06/2011 12:30 PM, Wei-Dong Lian wrote:
Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for the contribution work by lyx team. I have written my thesis
and articles in lyx for a long time. I found it the best frontend of latex,
for tables and equations. This is the advantage of lyx, and also lyx is
an integrated IDE environment not like autex in emacs, everything should be
configured by yourself.

Sometimes, when I write equations and tables, I really enjoy the input in
lyx, cause I could input all frequently-used math symbols by shortcuts, I
also changed the prefix of math shortcut, it is very convenient. This
is great. I reconfigure the shortcuts, I nearly drop off my mouse. Still, I
need to use mouse for 5% input in lyx.

However, when I want to refer to labels and citations, each time, a dialog
pops up and I need to select some items and finish it, even with dialog
shortcuts (e.g. Alt+a,b,c,f,g,e,h), it is a bit boring. When inserting a
figure or table, one also needs to finish the pop-up dialog. They really
affects the productivity of writing.

What do you think about it?

I have some suggestions, for example,

1. can we define some templates such that one can insert figure floats with
one graphics or two graphics, or four graphics, and these styles have been
set as we defined a priori.
2. as for inserting label references or citations, other than answering a
popup dialog, can we consider some GUI style like ido (e.g. ido in emacs)?
it will indicates us some items to select, not a dialog, we can directly
type something to filter these items and select one item by a confirm
shortcut, just like ido-find-file in emacs. it might be continent.
Indeed, each time, we do not need to change the style for each item. In most
cases, for the popup dialog in lyx, I just select the essential information
and then confirm it.

What about your ideas?



There is at least one bug report ( http://www.lyx.org/trac/ticket/6529 ) about keyboard accessibility in the citation dialogs. Feel free to add your comments about the citation dialog there. Although your new implementation ideas probably are a little bit orthogonal to this bug report.


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