On 2011-07-07, Richard Heck wrote:
> On 07/07/2011 03:12 AM, Julio Rojas wrote:
>> I had exactly this same problem a couple of days ago and I had to
>> leave the part after  the "#" sign out.

> I think the # has to be escaped somehow...?


>From the Docutils latex writer::

        # We need to escape #, \, and % if we use the URL in a command.
        special_chars = {ord('#'): ur'\#',
                         ord('%'): ur'\%',
                         ord('\\'): ur'\\',

        # problematic chars double caret and unbalanced braces:
            if href.find('^^') != -1 or self.has_unbalanced_braces(href):
                    'External link "%s" not supported by LaTeX.\n'
                    ' (Must not contain "^^" or unbalanced braces.)' % href)


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