Maxim Lobovsky <maxim.lobovsky <at>> writes:

>     The relevant files can be found attached to this forum post:

That link gets me their version of a 404 error ("The requested topic does not
exist.").  Did your dog by any chance eat the post?

>     Additionally, when the compiled directly
>     through pdflatex, it seems to work fine.

Does this mean you export the document from LyX to a .tex file, and that
compiles?  Or do you mean that you created a test file outside LyX (in TeXWorks)
and that file compiled?

>     But when viewing the log output by LyX, I don't see that line there
>     and I see this instead("C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX
>       2.9\tex\latex\base\report.cls"

Without access to the layout file, it's hard to say what caused this.  Two
questions: (1) what name did you give to the layout file; and (2) what is the
second line of the layout file (should contain \DeclareLaTeXClass)?


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