On Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 4:00 AM, Jürgen Spitzmüller <sp...@lyx.org> wrote:
> Maria Gouskova wrote:
>> LaTeX Error: Command \B already defined.
>> LaTeX Error: Command \T already defined.
>> \newcommand{\B}[2][0]{\Bk{#1}{0}{#2}}
> This line is from xyling.sty. I suppose it conflicts with some other package,
> which defines \B before xyling is loaded.
> You can try to find out more by adding \show\B in the preamble before xyling
> is loaded. This outputs the current definition of the macro to the preamble,
> by which you can search (via spotlight) the responsible package.
> HTH,
> Jürgen

That did it! As it happens, I don't need xyling.sty in this file; it
was in the preamble as a default. When I commented it out, the file
typeset without a problem.

In the name of getting at the truth, here is what adding \show\B to
the preamble gave me in the LaTeX log:

> \B=macro:
->\OT1-cmd \B \OT1\B .
1.29 \show\B


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