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I'd like to lay out a 3x5 card shopping list in 3 columns.  I'm not

I have never played with multiple column documents, but you have at
least Document>  Settings>  Page layout>  Two sided document and
Orientation>  Landscape. Look in the modules and on the wiki on how
LaTeX allows several columns on one page.
"Two-sided" will not give you multiple columns. It changes the default margins and placement of page numbers so the document can be printed up double-sided, bound on the left, and have the page numbers and margins appropriately arranged.

What you want is the multicolumn package. I do this with ERT, but perhaps it could be added to LyX -- although I don't think you would want to display it that way within LyX; it'd be a mess with the margins.

There is a setting within LyX to set the entire document as a "two column document", in Document > Settings > Text Layout, but I use the ERT to set parts of the document as multi-column, and this way you can set up as many columns as you want.

Add \usepackage{multicol} to your preamble. Then, when you want to turn on multi-column (3 column in this case) text, enter \begin{multicols}{3} in ERT, and then \end{multicols} to return to single-column layout.


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