I'm new to LaTeX/LyX so I don't know much of it. 
I would like to make use of the chemstyle-package for numbering chemical 
schemes and the coumpunds within them, if possible right in LyX by using 
TeX-Code. Hopefully someone has experience with this package and can help me.
When I try the procedure for substituting the temporary markers in a eps-scheme 
as explained in the package's manual, the temporary markers are recognised, but 
the new numbers are listed below the scheme, rather than at the position of the 
temporary markers. You can see the result here 
Also, this only works when typesetting into .DVI, not into .PDF, which results 
in the error "You need to run LaTeX with the equivalent of "pdflatex 
-shell-escape". How could I do that with LyX?

I use LyX 2.0 and MiKTeX 2.9 on Windows 

Thanks in advance for any help,
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