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On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 8:07 AM, Zhaorong Wang <wzr8...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Liviu,
> Now I understand! It is an awesome solution, even if the groups will
> no longer exist after I exit lyx.
I cannot reproduce this. After saving the document and restarting LyX,
the groups that are associated with at least one image are still
present in the document.

> Thank you so so much!
> Another question is, when I set the graph to be 100% page width,
> actually I want it to be centered
To centre a graph within a float you need to explicitly change the
paragraph alignment to 'centre'. In this case Helge's solution could
very well complement mine: when in need of a subsequent figure float,
copy/paste an existing one, click on the image and change the file
name. This way you will have kept all the settings of the original
figure float.

> and occupy all the page width. But
> it turns out to start at the left boundary of text, not the rim of the
> page. So actually the graph exceeds the right boundary a little bit.
> Is there any options I can use to alter it? Or maybe I'd better to set
> the graph to be the text width. But sometimes I just want to make a
> large resolution graph as big as possible on the page. And usually
> some figures, for example generated by Matlab already have blank
> margins. It waste some display space if it start from the left margin
> of the page. Refer to the attachment. Thanks!
I'm not sure what exactly you're aiming for, but I would suggest that
you experiment with the various 'width' options available (for
example, in addition to 'page' and 'text' you also have 'line width
%'; you may check Help > User's Guide for more info on this), keeping
in mind that you can specify '100 Page Width %', as well as '130 Page
Width %' or '70 Page Width %'. See what works best in your case.


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