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> Dear all,
> I’ve been using Latex and LyX for about a year now. I like LyX’s GUI which
> insulates me from having to type in all the commands. But, I have a
> question.
> My Latex distribution has many fonts installed on it. My favorite is Linux
> Libertine, which is complete with OSF and true small caps, etc.
This is a system font, not a LaTeX one. In LyX 2.0, you can use
'non-TeX fonts' and choose Linux Libertine & Biolinum if these are
installed on your system. Then you will compile your documents with

> But, Libertine is not listed in LyX’s drop down list of fonts even though it
> is part of my latex distribution. The drop down list only seems to list the
> “standard” Latex fonts. Is there any way to get LyX to recognize all of the
> fonts that are included in my Latex distribution. I’m using Miktex 2.9. When
> installing Miktex, I chose the option to install the complete distribution
> and it seems to have more fonts than are recognized by LyX.
> Thanks,
> Virgil Arrington

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