On 15.09.2011 09:31, Matthias Hunstig wrote:

It would be a good idea to export a file to LaTeX (pdflatex), then run
pdflatex against it in a DOS window.  That might help pin down whether there
are problems with your LaTeX (MiKTeX?) distribution.

I tried exporting three files and see three different behaviours. Looks like my 
whole installation is even more broken than I thought. I think I will wipe all 
LyX and MikTeX from disk and try re-installing afterwards.

If there anything I should delete after uninstalling the software from the Windows XP 
Control Panel to end up with a "clean" system?


Assuming windows 7, you may want to delete (or simply rename/move it) the LyX preferences folder ("lyx20"), in the AppData\Roaming folder in you home directory (the AppData folder is hidden).

that would be
on windows 7, and something like (from memory)
C:\Documents and Settings\your_login\AppData\Roaming\lyx20
on XP.

Also, some apps can help checking for leftovers ("ccleaner" is such an app) when uninstalling a soft (they are safe to use to analyse the left-overs, you may want to be careful if you use them for cleaning)



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