On 2011-09-15, Liviu Andronic wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 11:15 AM, Aileen Mueller
><aileen.muel...@googlemail.com> wrote:
>> I am using Lyx 2.0 and JabRef for references. I write my thesis in
>> German and need to include some references in Chinese characters. I
>> use Unicode and am able to input Chinese characters in JabRef, but
>> when I want to include them in Lyx it doesn't seem to work. I only get
>> a question mark for all my references in Lyx, including those which
>> are in German. How can I fix this?

Did you already try whether Chinese characters work at all (i.e. in the
document)? Maybe you need to switch to XeTeX/LuaTex. With LyX 2.x, this can
be done via the "use nonTeX fonts" button under Document>Settings>Fonts.

> I'm no expert, but I think I heard that bibtex didn't support Unicode.
> One alternative would be biblatex. This has been discussed several
> times on teh list. You may also want to look into using XeTeX, if you
> want to mix "exotic" scripts into your LyX document.

While biblatex is a powerfull replacement for bibtex which not only does
support Unicode but also new styles and fields and configuration, it is
quite complex to use and yet not natively supported by LyX.

OTOH, there is http://pybtex.sourceforge.net/ which says:

  Pybtex is a drop-in replacement for BibTeX written in Python. You can
  start using it right now by simply typing pybtex where you would have
  typed bibtex.
(is the bibtex program configurable in LyX or would a symlink like
/usr/local/bibtex -> /usr/pybtex be needed to "fool" LyX.)

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