does anyone of you use Inkscape and the pdf-latex-format to create images for your documents?

BTW: Same problem with gnuplot and the eps-latex-terminal... I definitely want to use this format, because then I will have all text in drawings and diagrams in the font used by the main document.

Inkscape creates two files: a pdf-file containing the drawing, and a tex-file which adds all text to the drawing and also loads the pdf-file. LyX seems to ignore the pdf file, since it is not referenced anywhere in the LyX-File. As a result, I get an error: "foo.pdf cannot be found".

Trying to use \graphicspath to tell latex where to look for the pdf doesn't help: I would have to add an absolute path to the pdf, which is pointless if you work on two machines, one linux, one windows... Using a relative path doesn't work, because LyX ignores the pdf-file and simply doesn't copy it to the temp-folder.

Is there any way to tell LyX that the pdf-file exists and needs to be copied to the temp-folder, so latex can find it?

Did I miss anything?


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