On 29.10.2011 22:33, Kenedy Torcatt wrote:
Hello Guys. I' a windows user and using LyX 2.0.

I need to use Arial font for my documents, I tried deactivating TeX
Fonts and choose Arial from my windows installed fonts, after that I
tried to compile with Xetex but I'm just getting errors!

Probably one on the XeteX/MikTeX packages is broken. Hopefully, it may be fixed soon.

I know that Helvetiva is almost an Arial clone and I can select
Helvetica from TeX fonts from sans serif 's drop down menu, but I did
a research and found that urw-arial
located here: http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/urw/arial/  is an
Arial font pack for use with LaTeX. I need to know how to install it
and show it in the LyX dropdown menu for sans serif 's fonts the same
way as selecting Helvetica.

I have the same limitation as you have. Please note that the URW A030 Arial is not really Arial. The differences between Arial and Helvetica are described in

When using the URW Arial, the G and R are the Arial ones, but the C, t, a, 1 are the Helvetica ones. You can actually even see that for a, t and 1 on the sample text on page:
which also states that "The font that is actually provided is URW A030".

I could notice that in latex code appear \usepackage{helvet} when I
select it in the drop down menu, so I think is possible to do the same
thing for the urw-arial. After all it will be just adding another font
to LyX.

If you nonetheless want to use this fake arial font, once you have it installed through MikTeX (which I think you have already), all you need to do is to add


to the preamble (in Document -> Settings... -> LaTeX Preamble).

I need to know how to do that... A tutorial or something please.

Please help!
Thankyou in advance...

Best regards,


PS: off-topic. You wrote "Helvetiva is almost an Arial clone", but it's more the opposite.


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