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Hello!. My first message!

I work with documents with Lyx 2.0.1 in Windows 7 in Spanish.  It works
very well. :). Thanks! It is fantastic. xD

  But could you tell me where is the personal dictionary (default
spellchecker engine - hunspell)? :/  What is the file name? Is it
possible modify it manually?  Thank you! :)

It is in the LyX user folder: Got to your personal directory, something like

then to the hidden "AppData" subfolder (if your hidden folders are not visible, you can type its name in the location bar, I don't know the official name), then "Roaming" folder: that where applications store the user settings.
Finally, open the "lyx20" folder.

I use Bristish english, the file is called "pwl_british.dict" for me.

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