On 2011-11-17, Kenedy Torcatt wrote:

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> Hello guys. First of all I want to thankyou all for the great help on
> this list!

> In this case I need to know how to set some things by default within
> LyX to have everything prepared before write.

> So:

> 1- How to center sections, subsections and table of content tittles by
> default? nothing more the rest I need it on left side (no prob with
> that)

> 2- How to establish size "normalsize" for subsections and table of
> contents tittles by default instead of that bigger size that Lyx uses?

> P.S: I'm attaching my LyX file called thesis_kenedy, so you can take a
> look and edit it.

For these tasks, you need to write a custom "layout". See the
Help>Customization guide. Start with a document class that almost fits
your needs and remember that you need to tell both, the LyX GUI and LaTeX
about the desired changes.

Then, changing the standard.lyx template to use your layout will make this
the default for every new document. (Make a copy in you LYXHOME (e.g.
~/.lyx) and modify this.)


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