Dear Lyx Users,

I need to include lots of .eps graphics files in my Lyx document.
These .eps files are produced by GNUplot using the epslatex terminal
driver which produces a .tex files and a .eps file for each graph.

In Lyx 2.0.0, including my graphs was as simple as putting


in ERT.  Behind the scenes, this would invoke an instance of epstopdf
to convert each .eps file to a .pdf file.  This worked fine in Lyx

This no longer works in Lyx 2.0.1.  The problem is that epstopdf is
being run in a temp directory (e.g.
"/tmp/lyx_tmpdir.T13883/lyx_tmpbuf2") but epstopdf is not given a way
to locate the .eps file. The Lyx log file reports that epstopdf is
being called like this:

runsystem(epstopdf --outfile=graph-eps-converted-to.pdf graph.eps)

As you can see, epstopdf has no way of finding where "graph.eps" lives.

I have tried setting "\graphicspath{{/path/to/eps/file/}}" in my
document preamble but this did nothing.  I tried providing my graphics
directory in Lyx's "Working directory", "Temporary directory", "PATH"
and "TEXINPUTS prefix" Paths fields but this did not help.

The only "fix" I have found so far is to open each .tex file (e.g.
graph.tex) in a text editor and manually edit the
"\put(0,0){\includegraphics[width=\unitlength]{graph.eps}}" line to
include the absolute path of the .eps file.  This is not a
satisfactory solution for many reasons.

I'd really love it if someone could suggest a solution!

Many thanks,

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