On 18/11/2011 12:29 PM, Julio Rojas wrote:
Only changing "Article" to "Extsizes" :D

But that adds a new kind of "Article" to the list. I know is nothing
that important, but at least it will be automatic for users (they will
not be in need of doing what I just did).

Julio Rojas

2011/11/18 José Matos<jama...@lyx.org>:
On 11/18/2011 01:52 AM, Paul A. Rubin wrote:
Your best bet may be to file an enhancement bug ticket and attach the file.

I agree with Paul. :-)

Another option is to post the changes to the devel list.

Regardless Julio did not said what are the changes or what is the
rationale for such changes so it is difficult to get interested to such
changes. :-)

Just my 2 ¢ (euro cents) for this thread. :-)

José Matos

Have you noticed the "article (more font sizes)" in the list of classes available in LyX? It loads extarticle.cls


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