Hi Alex,

I found that my LyX comments don't get through to the finished HTML 
file, and eLyXer's Options class appears to have no option for passing 
through LyX comments.

How difficult would it be to add code so there's an option to convert 
LyX comments to <!-- HTML comments -->? Comments would be an excellent 
way to pass through eBook-only data, without it showing up in a book 
printed from the same LyX file.

I looked at eLyXer for ten minutes and couldn't figure out how to do 
it. That probably doesn't surprise you :-)

If it's too hard to do, or if there's not enough time to do it, I can 
probably make a small program to scoop out the specific comment that 
passes the eBook metadata, and give that information to the post-
processor. The post-processor already adds pagefeeds to every <h1> 
item in the HTML file and captures the Title, Author and Date but 
doesn't print them.



Steve Litt
Author: The Key to Everyday Excellence
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