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> As LyX now offers native HTML export,
> is there an equivalent to Document>Settings>LaTeX preamble
> for "raw" HTML code in the document header?
> Günter

LyXHTML was much worse. I put in the following comment:


Here was the output from LyXHTML:

<!-- class="note_comment"><a id='magicparlabel-41888' />
ebook<!-- Output Error: Closing tag `div' when other tags are open, 
namely: --><!-- Output Error: !-- --></!--><!-- Output Error: 
&LyX_parsep_tag& --></div>

<div class="plain_layout"><a id='magicparlabel-41892' />

<div class="plain_layout"><a id='magicparlabel-41899' />
publisher=&rdquo;Troubleshooters.Com&rdquo;<!-- Output Error: Tried to 
close `!--' when tag was not open. Tag discarded. --><!-- Output 
Error: Tags still open in closeFontTags(). Probably not a problem,
but you might want to check these tags: --><!-- Output Error: div --
><!-- Output Error: No paragraph separation tag found in 
endParagraph(). --></div>

The other thing is, from my understanding, unlike eLyXer which enables 
you to specify a .css file on the command line, the only way to 
specify a .css file in LyX's native LyXHTML is to define it within the 
layout file. First of all, in this book I have no layout file -- it's 
document class Book plain and simple. But second of all, even if I 
did, what I'd want is for the layout file to determine the PDF 
appearance, with the .css determining the flowing text eBook 



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