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On 12/06/2011 12:06 PM, Steve Litt wrote:
> On Tuesday, December 06, 2011 05:15:38 AM Alex Fernandez wrote:
>> Hi, Steve and Guenter,
>> On Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 10:46 AM, Guenter Milde <> 
> wrote:
>>> On 2011-12-06, Steve Litt wrote:
>>>> Hi Alex,
>>>> I found that my LyX comments don't get through to the finished
>>>> HTML file, and eLyXer's Options class appears to have no option
>>>> for passing through LyX comments.
>>>> How difficult would it be to add code so there's an option to
>>>> convert LyX comments to <!-- HTML comments -->? Comments would
>>>> be an excellent way to pass through eBook-only data, without it
>>>> showing up in a book printed from the same LyX file.
>>> IMO, LyX notes are just for LyX - they are also stripped from the
>>> LaTeX.
>>> OTOH, Comments (Insert>Note>Comment) are put as comments in the
>>> LaTeX and should be put in the HTML, too.
>>> In the *.lyx file, comments look like:
>>> \begin_inset Note Comment
>>> status open
>>> \begin_layout Plain Layout
>>> a comment
>>> \end_layout
>>> \end_inset
>> Sounds reasonable. Steve, are you willing to try out a test
>> version? I can send it to you privately.
>> Alex.
> Abso-Lutely, but I just had another thought. After seeing how LyXHTML 
> handled comments, I'm beginning to wonder if the metadata not already 
> provided in LyX (Title, Author and Date) should simply be put in a 
> tiny XML file.
> Doing it separately kinda sorta makes sense when you think about it. 
> In my opinion, the LyX file should always be about how it looks in 
> PDF, with another file(s) providing looks/metadata in a flowing text 
> eBook. Actually, it might end up with three files, one for Kindle, one 
> for iPad, and one for Nook, and one for Open ePad (yeah, I have 
> trouble counting :-).
> If you already have something that passes through comments, I'll be 
> glad to test it today or in the next few days. Such a thing is 
> probably a good thing in general. However, if you're doing it just for 
> this specific thing, I'm thinking maybe hold off until all of us give 
> it more thought.
> I'm most of the way through a post processor for eLyXer-derived HTML 
> files that turns them into everything needed to make a Kindle. My 
> script is ugly, probably crashy in other circumstances, limited in 
> what situations it can handle, featureless, and pre-pre-alpha, but 
> when I get it working it can at least serve as a platform for 
> discussions on how to do it right the next time.
> Thanks for eLyXer. When you're making a Kindle book, it's the coolest 
> thing since sliced cheese.
> SteveT
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