On Tuesday, December 06, 2011 03:06:37 PM you wrote:
> Can I ask again that off-topic threads be moved to an appropriate
> mailing list?

Unless it's the LyX project's position that LyX's only function is to 
build PDF and Docbook, then this is very ontopic. As more and more 
books are written to a flowable text reader, LyX will become a more 
and more obvious choice. The HTML post-processor I discussed is one 
very easy, very modular, and very unobtrusive way to write the same 
book to both PDF/paper and Kindle, at least to the degree that such a 
thing can be done and still read. Building books for Kindle, iPad and 
Nook will probably become one of LyX's main uses in the future.

On or off topic is a relative thing. I have absolutely no interest in 
Sweave or Lilypond but don't I call them offtopic, because people use 
them to output information via LyX.

I could move this discussion over to the eLyXer list, or maybe a list 
specifically about flowable text authoring, but understand that doing 
so will remove most LyX-listers from input into the eventual flowable 
text making techniques with LyX, and understand that debugging will be 
more complex as people have to reach across mailing lists to determine 
in whose fiefdom the problem resides.


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