I for one would like for the topic to remain here. I don't follow the 
discussion on the eLyXer list, but knowing what developments happen with this 
topic are useful for things I'm working on. Especially if whatever Steve and 
Alex create can be adapted to work with the native XHTML modifications I'm 
trying to make.

To move it in a new direction, what tags are most important to Kindle? In what 
ways could the native LyX output be refined (I can create layouts/modules that 
fix these for testing purposes)? Where does the current implementation cause 
problems and for what reasons? (I'm currently looking into the situations 
raised by Steve.)

I've been delving into various ePub resources and I'm cleaning up the HTML 
based on HTML5 best practices, but it would be useful to know where else I can 
focus my attention.



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