Hi Richard,

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

On Dec 6, 2011, at 4:39 PM, Richard Heck wrote:

> I wonder if we'd be better just outputting footnotes as endnotes
> all the time. The inline version we now use is cool, but maybe it's too
> cool for it's own good.

I actually think that would be a really good thing. It makes everything much 
easier to work with. (Or at least, that's what I think.)

> Second, I've been thinking recently about introducing some sort of
> chapter splitting capability. Not so important for e-books probably, but
> useful for the good old web.

And very useful for eBooks as well. Due to the way that ePub works, at least, 
smaller HTML files load faster.

> In that case, one would want to be able to output footnotes per chapter.
> There might be other cases where people
> wanted to print endnotes per chapter, even without the splitting. That
> suggests the idea of "collecting" the footnotes along the way in some
> kind of structure, and then emptying it when it comes time to print
> them, which could then be at any time. Very roughly:
> In LaTeXFeatures or some such place:
>    std::list<InsetFoot const *> footlist;
> In InsetFoot::xhtml():
>    op.features.footlist.push_back(this);
> and then in InsetPrintEndnotes::xhtml():
>    list<InsetFoot *> & footlist = op.features.footlist;
>    while (!footlist.empty()) {
>        InsetFoot const * foot = footlist.front();
>        footlist.pop_front();
>        ...
>        // Something like this must be legal
>        // I think this trick should simplify much of your code...
>        xs << foot->InsetFootlike::xhtml();

I'll look into implementing this tonight. Having this stuff working for the 
demo I'm doing tomorrow would be great



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