Am 31.01.2012 um 14:46 schrieb stiv. djobz.:

> I made sure my keybindings are set properly as yours.
> For example, 
> in 2.0.1, 
> I could move the cursor backwards by typing ctrl + b with the checkbox ticked
> and by typing command +b with the checkbox unticked, 
> and in 2.0.2, 
> I have to type command + b in both the cases. 
> I'm thinking of going back to 2.0.1 and waiting for a bugfix
> instead of using additional softwares or macros.

But the bugfix will never arise if it's not possible to find the cause for your 

Here I'm using LyX-2.0.2 and have no user defined key bindings and set 
shortcuts to "emacs" and the checkbox "don't swap" enabled.

When typing ctrl+b LyX's key debug output is:
.../GuiApplication.cpp(1705):  Key [action=][Kontroll-B]
and the cursor is moving one character backwards.

When typing command+b I can see:
.../GuiApplication.cpp(1705):  Key [action=][Befehl-B]
.../GuiApplication.cpp(1728): isText() is true, inserting.
.../GuiApplication.cpp(1746): SelfInsert arg[`b']
and the letter "b" is inserted.

Please, check the contents of the file "$HOME/Library/Application 
Support/LyX-2.0/bind/user.bind" if it's empty.


> But thanks for your advice.
> stiv. 
> On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 4:48 AM, Christopher Menzel <> wrote:
> Am Jan 30, 2012 um 8:07 PM schrieb stiv. djobz.:
> > The checkbox of
> > "Do not swap Apple and Control keys"
> > in
> > LyX>Preferences>Editing>Keyboard/Mouse
> > does not work in 2.0.2.
> Hm, it doesn't seem to make any difference for me either, but fortunately, 
> the Ctrl key is behaving for me as it ought vis-á-vis Emacs keybinding.
> > I'm using emacs shortcuts, so this problem is serious for me.
> > Is there any solution for this problem ?
> Have you checked to make sure the keybindings are set properly in LyX -> 
> Preferences -> Editor?  Relevant Ctrl key combos like "Ctrl-F" and "Ctrl-X S" 
> are set in my preferences with ^F, "^X S", etc.
> > To compensate the swapping with another swapping in System Preferences is 
> > not a realistic choice.
> > It would affect the shortcuts in all the other softwares.
> For a time I used a macros (called with a global hotkey) that would toggle 
> the Capslock key between Ctrl and Cmd that I would invoke going into and 
> coming out of LyX. That was of course less than ideal but it was fast and 
> worked pretty well. Hasn't been necessary for a quite a long time, though.
> Chris Menzel

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