I just installed version 2.0.2 Friday nov. 25 2011

When I open files, if I look under settings, document class,
all my document classes are reported as missing.

The following info may or may not be relevant:
when I go to tool tex information it seems to have the various class files in 
various places, such as 
C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex

First I installed, encountered the error, uninstalled, manually removed the 
folder in program files and in C:\Users\my user\AppData\Roaming, and then 
reinstalled as administrator

I have tried various solutions from the mailing list, e.g.
I have tried reconfiguring restarting
I have tried setting my install packages on the fly both to yes and to no
I ahve tried updating my file name database


thx in advance

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