Hi Steve,

On 2/5/12, Rob Oakes <lyx-de...@oak-tree.us> wrote:
> Extremely good point, I'm also more comfortable with the HTML export
> available in LyX. I initially was interested in eLyXer because I thought I
> might be able to use it to help with an import filter as well. I'm not sure
> that it can, though. As you note in your email, it doesn't create a document
> model.

I am not sure what you mean by "document model". For the record,
eLyXer creates an in-memory representation of the complete LyX
document since version 0.36 (released back in 2009):
When using the --lowmem option, this in-memory representation is
created and flushed for each document block independently. Otherwise
you load the entire document in memory.


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