On 2/9/12, Rob Oakes <lyx-de...@oak-tree.us> wrote:
> On 2/9/2012 11:42 AM, Alex Fernandez wrote:
>> Ah, OK. Always hated DOM. eLyXer's in-memory representation is for the
>> LyX document, not of the resulting HTML document. Much tighter this
>> way, IMHO.
> Is there an example of how I might be able to access the in-memory
> representation for the LyX document? If possible, I'd like to be able to
> get some sort of iterable object that could be used to translate the
> structure into the XML structure used by Microsoft Word.

I don't know of any examples outside eLyXer. The source code should be
quite readable. I would point you to main.convert.eLyXerConverter and
proc.process.Processor as starting points; there are actually a few
ways to do what you want (iterate over Containers). If you want I can
give you further explanations offlist.


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