On 2012-02-10, Les Denham wrote:
>> On 2012-02-09, Nikos Alexandris wrote:

> That probably explains why PDFLATEX complains when I use a 'mu' (for
> 'micro-') in text context. 

This depends on your "TeX encoding" setting. With the default value,
("language default") this should not matter (as then Greek small letter mu
is replaced). Only with Document>Settings>Language>encoding: Unicode (utf8)
you will see this special problem.

> I get around it by making it a math character.

However, using a cursive math $\mu$ for the unit prefix Micro (as in µm)
is *wrong*. Use the MICRO SIGN character instead (in text and math).
Make sure the textcomp package is loaded, otherwise you may end up with a
kursive math mu even in this case, as the inputenc file for latin1 is buggy.


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