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> On 2012-02-11, Gerhardus Geldenhuis wrote:
> >> It looks like you do not have a Greek font
> >> (TeX font in LGR font encoding) matching the main document font.
> > The above sentence is all Greek to me ( pun intended). But seriously I
> > would expect the software to take care of these types of details in the
> > background. There should not be a need for me to add and remove fonts
> and I
> > were I to need a symbol from the greek font I would not know how to add
> it.
> In this case I have to inform you that were you to need Greek symbols
> (outside math) LyX is not the software for you.
> Installation of missing fonts is something LyX cannot do, this is up to the
> LaTeX distribution or (with Xe- or LuaTeX your OS).
> Günter
Ok here is my assumption upon which my previous statement was based. If I
select insert symbol and then select greek on latin or whatever is listed.
I assume/expect that whatever is listed is installed and working. Thus the
glyphs/fonts that I am seeing is already on my system which is why I am
seeing them in Lyx. Thus if lyx makes them available to me during editing
phase, or the font is visible during editing phase it would be only logical
to assume that the font would be available during the rendering of the

I really like Lyx and I would love to see it more widely used. The
academics in my college almost exclusively use MS Word and although I
dislike MSWord, the problem the problem described above is not something I
have personally encountered. I still think Lyx is a superior product and I
would much rather struggle with a few font issues every so often then try
and structure a complex document in Word. However it is these small niggles
that will prevent people from moving away from Word to Lyx as silly as it
may seem. My motivation is that the more scientist use Lyx the more
feedback is received and potentially more development is being done. So
when I am complaining it is with a good intentions.


Gerhardus Geldenhuis

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