Uwe Stöhr <uwestoehr <at> web.de> writes:
> Have you had a look at sec. 6.3 "Initials" of the EmbeddedObjects manual that 
you find in LyX's Help 
> menu?
You know, uh, duh, I am embarassed to say, that actually I remember passing 

a loose reference to it somewhere, (not sure why I ignored it perhaps because 

reference was couched in someone's techspeak I didn't understand) in the midst 

a long fruitless google search that turned up nothing but a skimpy reference to 

the fact that somebody named Uw...uh...hmm...had added support for it and a 

longwinded discussion purportedly about it but really aimed at developers, god 

bless 'em...but now I see that it is carefully clearly and meticulously spelled 

out in the EmbeddedObjects (what does that mean? Sounds like something to do 

graphics or something? Why is there no space in the middle? Why should I be 

looking there?) manual even though the user's guide doesn't mention it. 

In other words, I am a fool, thanks for adding support for it, it is cool, you 

are da bomb, and now I see how it works. yippie.


ps why does gmane balk at lines over 80 characters? I mean who writes 
paragraphs with less that 80 characters?

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