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> Would it be possible to have a Gource movie of Lyx's development?
> Check this one for the last 20 years of Python:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPk1BqK8zzI&feature=related
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So thaaaat's how Python was created! Far out! Hey man, pass that bad boy
over here! Pfffffft. Hey man, cough cough, this is good stuff, cough
giggle! Now where did I put those potato chips?

If we ever have a LyX history, I hope Dekl Tsur is featured. He
singlehandedly kept me from bailing in 2001, a couple months after I
started using LyX. At the time I needed character styles, but LyX had
none. Dekl showed me some LaTeX that allowed me to create a linkage
between color and kludge character styles I created. It was weird but
enabled me to write "Troubleshooting Techniques of the Successful
Technologist". Here's a description of Dekl's workaround:


About 4 years later LyX 1.4.0 got character styles and they were
wonderful, but Dekl's workaround was what enabled me to use LyX from
2001 til 2006.



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