On 02/24/2012 08:46 AM, Jonas Lindh wrote:
> Hi.
> After updating etc I can't seem to get my references into the compiled
> pdf using lyx 2.0.2 on macosx 10.7.3 and a bst that used to work great
> from a professor at my dept. MacTeX 2011 is installed and updated
> using Tex live...
> I am attaching the bst.+AKA-
> The output gives me (?) for refs and error for bibtex is :
> This is 8-bit Big BibTeX version 0.99d
> Implementation: +AKA-C for Unix
> Release version: 3.71 (31 May 2005)
> Error: cannot open CS file: 88591lat.csf
> The top-level auxiliary file: thesis+AF8-vers16.1.aux
> I couldn't open style file
> 45+AF8-Users+AF8-jonas+AF8-Dropbox+AF8-thesis+AF8-version16+AF8-mybib.bst
> ---line 1387 of file thesis+AF8-vers16.1.aux
> +AKA-:
> +AFw-bibstyle+AHs-45+AF8-Users+AF8-jonas+AF8-Dropbox+AF8-thesis+AF8-version16+AF8-mybib
> +AKA-: +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA-
> +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA-
> +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKAAfQ-
> I'm skipping whatever remains of this command
> I couldn't open database file
> 44+AF8-Users+AF8-jonas+AF8-Dropbox+AF8-thesis+AF8-version16+AF8-thesis+AF8-vers16.bib
> ---line 1388 of file thesis+AF8-vers16.1.aux
> +AKA-:
> +AFw-bibdata+AHs-44+AF8-Users+AF8-jonas+AF8-Dropbox+AF8-thesis+AF8-version16+AF8-thesis+AF8-vers16
> +AKA-: +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA-
> +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA-
> +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AKA- +AH0-
> I'm skipping whatever remains of this command
> I found no database files---while reading file thesis+AF8-vers16.1.aux
> I found no style file---while reading file thesis+AF8-vers16.1.aux
I'm not sure what you updated, but it looks as if LaTeX simply isn't
finding the bst file. It also looks as if LyX is copying it to your
temporary directory, and THEN LaTeX isn't finding it. This may be due to
some changes in how local files are handled in 2.0.2. I'd suggest that
you put the bst file in some location where LaTeX will find it without
its having to be copied to the temporary directory. Where this is on
Mac, I'm afraid I do not know.

After you get this error, you might also look in the temporary
directory. Is the referenced file there?


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