d c <gmane.99.kyoto <at> spamgourmet.com> writes:

> I ahve just discovered, arduously, that using mathspec prevents preview from 
> working. Is this a bug, feature, or other?

sorry I realized I was being perhaps cryptic.

in my preamble seems to make instant preview stop functioning. 
I am using xetex, and I have tried many combinations of settings, but it all 
seems to boil down to this line.
I want to be able to set the font for math. 
Perhaps another package for this exists?

In a possible related vein, I also noticed that 
adding the following to my preamble also is breaking instant preview:
\newtheoremstyle{mytheorem} %hnamei
{\topsep}%      Space above
{\topsep}%      Space below
{\ttfamily} % hBody fonti
{} % hIndent amounti1
{\ttfamily} % hTheorem head fonti
{:} % hPunctuation after theorem headi
{.5em} % hSpace after theorem headi2
{} % hTheorem head spec (can be left empty, meaning ‘normal’)i
\theoremstyle{mytheorem} % this should set the current theorem style to 
\newtheorem{mytheorem}{My Theorems} %this loads the new theorem style and uses 
"My Theorems" as its heading 

These may or may not be related. They work (that is to say act to break) 
independently of each other.

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