On 2012-02-19, Ingar Pareliussen wrote:
> Hi

> I have a couple of hundred abstracts from a web form that produces
> simple LaTeX files. I have cat'ed them into one big LaTeX file and
> imported it to LyX. This works for the most part, but I have problem
> with \sindex that needs a option i [index_name] which is not 
> recognized by LyX and therefor not put into ERT.

> I tried to get search replace it, but when LyX search within ERT it
> uses all memory and even if it seems to do the right thing it has been
> working on the file for a couple of hours... (file is only 300k and the
> box has 4G of ram, so something seems to be amiss)

> Is there some advice on how to do this more efficient? I could do it
> manually, but automated is better :)

Edit the lyx source in a text editor?
If the important part is inside ERT, this should be quite simple.


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