I am using LyX 2.0.0 (2011-04-29) on a Ubuntu system with lyx 2.0.0-1 
packages. I export XHTML using the lyxhtml export.

My goal is to create mobi (for kindle) and epub (for nook)files. I am 
using calibre 0.8.8 for conversion from the XHTML file.

Here are my issues:

1) the XHTML has:

 <math xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML";>

but the epub shows "13" and mobi has nothing.

2) Some lyx/tex sections are like "First~Second~Third" but the lyxhtml 
output in my table of contents is "FirstSecondThird" (no spaces). So I 
manually fixed them.

3) My print cross references say "See page elsewhere". I fixed this 

sed -e 's,on page \(<a href=".*">\)elsewhere,\1here,' -e 's,page \(<a 
href=".*">\)elsewhere,\1here,' -e 's,pages \(<a 
href=".*">\)elsewhere</a> and \(<a href=".*">\)elsew,\1here</a> and \2,'

4) I made some hyperlinks back into hyperlinks:
sed -e 's,<span class="flex_url">\([^<]*\)</span>,<a href="\1"><span 

5) My footnotes work with the xhtml ... when I hover over them they 
popup. But these hover style footnotes don't work in the calibre viewer. 
The document shows the small underlined number but clicking or hovering 
on it does nothing.

The xhtml has:

div.foot:hover div.foot_inner {
display: block;
border: 1px double black;
margin: 0em 1em;
padding: 1em;

This was missing from the epub stylesheet.

I think the epub and mobi don't support hovering footnotes.

I see elyxer supports different footnote features. I didn't try all the 
elyxer features yet. (I see it has graphical arrow links I want to 
remove and also some "index" tags are left in my main content.)

6) The xhtml output had links to horizontal rules in my table of 

<!-- Output Error: Tags still open in closeFontTags(). Probably not a 
but you might want to check these tags: --><!-- Output Error: div 
--><!-- Output Error: div --><!-- Output Error: Tried to close pending 
tag `a' when other tags were pending. Last pending tag is 
`&LyX_parsep_tag&'. Tag discarded. --><div class='lyxtoc-2'> <a 
href='#magicparlabel-236' class='tocarrow'>&gt;</a><!-- Output Error: 
Closing tag `div' when other tags are open, namely: --><!-- Output 
Error: &LyX_parsep_tag& --></div>

I simple removed that line for each.

Anyways what do you all do to generate good epub and/or mobi files from 

I also tried lyx2ebook but it crashed when I used it. (I sent traceback 
and example lyx file to the developer.)

Thank you

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