I'm adding PDF appendix to one article without success.
What I have been able to do so far:
a) I have minipage and one pdf page as graphic. Headers and footers OK.
b) I have all PDF pages nicely put each page on its own page No header or 
footers. I tried to scale pdf down, but no headers.
c) I have all three. Import inside a minipage, have all pages stacked over each 
other on one page and headers and footers are showing beneath.

Option a) is impossible as work to import each page separately would take too 
much time.
Option b) looks bad.
Option c) is unusable.

The problem with that PDF is its margin. I'm unable to have fancyheaders and 
PDF file on same page.
Now. How do I import pdf document as external material and have it look like it 
should be on these pages and doesn't look like someone printed also that and 
put it same pile with my article?

Is this common problem or am I trying to do something stupid?

best regards,
Hannu Vuolasaho

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