I have recently updated from lyx 1.6.4 to lyx 2.0.2. In the new version I can 
not change the box size.

In the old version it was possible to right-click on the box, and a convenient 
menu to change the box settings was readily at hand. 
Now it looks like necessary to go to the menu bar to select Edit->Box Settings
A bit less convenient for me, but nothing really annoying.

The real problem is that I can not change the size of the boxes. In the box 
menu it looks like possible to modify the "Width", but after changing it and 
clicking "OK" or "Apply", nothing change.

Old documents, created with lyx 1.6.4, that have boxes of different sizes, are 
rendered without problems. But all I can created now are boxes with "100 
column width%" size.

I have compiled and installed the last version of lyx, 2.0.3. And I have the 
same problem with the box sizes.

Is me, or is this a general problem that merits a bug entry?
Is there any workaround?

I have the problem in two computers: one with Mandriva 2010 and the other with 
Mandriva 2012.


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