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> On 04/10/2012 04:13 AM, Peter Contor wrote:
>> On 09/04/2012, Richard Heck<rgh...@comcast.net>  wrote:
>>> On 04/09/2012 01:07 AM, Peter Contor wrote:
>>>> On 09/04/2012, Richard Heck<rgh...@comcast.net>   wrote:
>>>>> On 04/08/2012 06:57 PM, Peter Contor wrote:
>>>>>> Hi all. This is my first posting to this mailing list, so apologies if
>>>>>> I'm doing something wrong.
>>>>>> My system:
>>>>>> Windows Vista Home Premium Version 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2 Build 6002
>>>>>> LyX 2.0.3
>>>>>> MIKTeX 2.8
>>>>>> Description of alleged bug:
>>>>>> I open a new file in LyX, open a display style formula box (with
>>>>>> Ctrl-Shift-m), type in an M, save the file and export it to HTML (with
>>>>>> File>    Export>    HTML). The PNG file containing the image of the M
>>>>>> has
>>>>>> it unrecognizably blurred.
>>>>>> If put to M's in the display box (MM) and repeat the export, the PNG
>>>>>> file is considerably less garbled. Even less so with three M's. From
>>>>>> about 6 M's onwards, the image is clear.
>>>>>> I used M's to fix ideas: the same happens with any single character.
>>>>>> If I export to LaTeX and use TeX4ht (htlatex) to convert to HTML,
>>>>>> nothing of the above happens on my system.
>>>>> Is tex4ht being used by LyX here? or what?
>>>>> Richard
>>>> My understanding is that it's not; i.e., thay LyX uses it's own
>>>> scripts/whatever to export to HTML. It is I who used TeX4ht to see if
>>>> it would act differently than LyX. It did.
>>> If you want to export using LyX's internal export, then you have to
>>> export to the LyXHTML format. If you export to "HTML", then what you get
>>> depends upon how your converters are configured and could be lots of
>>> things.
>>> I doubt you are using LyXHTML here, because we produce PNGs only under
>>> the most difficult conditions (unless it is explicitly requested).
>>> Richard
>> No Richard, I wasn't using LyXHTML. Just the 'plain' HTML export
>> option. Just tried LyXHTML. What happens here is that the export
>> contains NO pictures whatsoever: it uses only text with unicode
>> characters. For example, if I try exporting the displayed formula
>> \int\frac{dx}{\sqrt{1-x^2}}, all I get in the exported HTML file is
>> ∫ dx 1- x 2.
> I think what you're getting is MathML, since that is what we export by
> default. This can be controlled a bit under Document> Settings> Output.
> If you want PNGs, we can give you that instead.
> So the question remains: What is LyX using to do the export when you
> export the HTML format? You can find out either (a) by looking to see
> what converters are defined under Tools> Preferences, or else (b) by
> running LyX from a terminal and seeing what goes by.
> Richard
> PS Remember to cc the list in case someone else has ideas.

I will check these, not least because I'm using LyX more and more
lately and getting interested in how it works. It does make sense to
me that the trouble is to do with the converters. As it happens, I
also have Debian (in VirtualBox), so a bit earlier I installed LyX in
it. First thing to say is that it looks MUCH better in there, second
is that the HTML export work perfectly 'out of the box'. So it's to do
with my Windows system. Not surprised (especially with Vista...)

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