Allen Barker wrote:
> Create a new file with some random text and a math
> inset with some random math in it.  Position the
> cursor somewhere before the math inset.
> Using the right-arrow key the cursor can be moved
> into and then past the math inset.
> Using char-right repeatedly from the command
> minibuffer the cursor can similarly be moved into
> and past the math inset.
> Using the char-right command via the LyX server with
>    echo 'LYXCMD:clientname:char-right:' >~/.lyx/
> however, the cursor always stops at the left side
> of the math inset.  It works fine on ordinary text, but
> it cannot enter the math inset.  When the command is
> run with the cursor already inside the math inset the
> cursor-point just pops out to the left of the math inset.
> The char-forward LFUN has the same behavior.  It makes
> no difference if display mode for math is on or off.
> I have an application where I'd like to be able to use
> the LyX server to move the cursor inside a math inset
> if one is there.  Any ideas what is happening and how to
> work around it?

It seems to be LyX bug, feel free to add bug into Trac. Pavel

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