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> On 04/10/2012 02:47 PM, Richard Heck wrote:
>> On 04/10/2012 02:38 PM, Steve Litt wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I've always preferred legible over pretty, and my opinion is that most
>>> time hyphenation's decrease in legibility and readability isn't worth
>>> its aesthetic contribution. I was just going to turn off hyphenation
>>> (however one would do that). But a friend reminded me that if I
>>> failed to hyphenate a word like antidisestablishmentarianism, it would
>>> do hideous things to the paragraph.
>>> So now I'd like to tell LyX not to hyphenate unless it's really,
>>> really, really, REALLY needed. I figure maybe there's some rubber-band
>>> value somewhere, and I can set it higher or lower or whatever.
>>> Anyone know of such a thing?
>>>  I'll make a slightly different suggestion:
>>    \usepackage{microtype}
>> In my experience, this reduces hyphenation by 80% or so.

I second Richard's point. The microtype package makes a huge difference,
especially if you tweak the parameters a bit (like font expansion). Notice
that, as far as I know, it requires pdflatex or luatex (xetex has partial
support only, I think). The manual is excellent, BTW.



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