Hello David,

Thanks for your reply on this topic; I also benefited from this. One
question though; isn't there a keyboard shortcut to use it instead of
using the menus?

On 04/11/2012 08:13 AM, David L. Johnson wrote:
> The problem is that a matrix does not really give you a multi-line
> formula, it is a one-line formula including a matrix.  To get a
> multiline formula, use one of the aligned environments.  I prefer the
> eqnarray environment.  Then you can number each line of the multi-line
> environment.  I will attach a simply LyX file showing first an
> eqnarray environment, then a matrix environment, both numbered, but
> the matrix only allows numbering of the whole thing.

Another question is regarding fullscreen mode; the math toolbar pops out
when I use Ctrl(+Shift)+M & that's useful, but what about the main
toolbar? is there a way to bring it out "temporarily" in fullscreen mode?

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