I have a (long) manuscript imported from Framemaker via Latex where
all the quotation marks (both single and double) appear in Lyx as
straight quotes instead of the properly curly ones. The source view,
in fact, shows me countless \texquotedbl commands instead of regular

Is there any way to do a global find and replace that would properly
substitute opening straight quotes with open single|double quotes and
viceversa for closing quotes? I could search and replace for
space+quote(s) and, respectively for quote+space. That would work in
most cases and I could fix the remaining issues by hand. I thought the
new find and replace could manage, but:

1. I cannot do a simple find and replace for [space][quote] because I
am not allowed to enter a space in the find area
2. I can search for reg expression \s" thereby finding most of the
instances I'm looking for.  But I cannot enter a space in the replace
area, nor can I enter a regular expression in it (as the manual
explains, reg expressions are not allowed in the replace area yet).
3. Using regular expressions as sketched above in an external editor
breaks the lyx file, because straight quotes are needed for citation
commands (and probably in other places as well.

Any idea?



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