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>How do I create a footer on every page of my document? I'm using the 
>"book" document class and have a "\rfoot{xxx}" in my preamble, but the 
>footer is only displayed on the first page.

I've been watching this thread, hoping that someone might come up with
something that works.

I doubt this will help. But I use this format in letter
(KOMA-Script v.2)

\firstfoot{the stuff I want in it}

This will place the footer at the bottom of the first page where logos
and headings and such are, but not on any pages after that.

Just thought it might help. As well as the above I also tried adding:

\rfoot{the stuff I want in it}

But with both those footer commands in the letter environment preamble
coughs up errors.

In fact \cfoot{the stuff I want in it} won't work at all in the letter
environment preamble, I have to use: \firstfoot

But it might work for you?

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