A Lyx "newbee" myself I am a long way to have it replacing TeXworks but under 
the latter and pdfLaTeX I use the command 
\usepackage{psibycus} % to use scalable Type1 fonts
and with an ADSL connection to the web TeXworks, at least  in my configuration, 
would automatically download what is required from CTAN. See 
for info on Ibycus4, version 4.5 as of 2004-10-27 Then for instance:
 {\greek{})Apollw'nios Eu)dh'mw| xai'rein} 
would reproduce Apollonius' greetings and Vale to Eudemus: the oxytonic accent 
on the omega is given by w' ;  the soft (lenis) breathing on the upsilon by u); 
a subscripted iota on omega is w|; etc... as indicated in the README above. 
Ibycus gives alternative packages to write Ancient Greek poetry.
A Lyx expert might tell us how to include Ibycus in Lyx.> Date: Sun, 22 Apr 
2012 18:05:37 -0500
> Subject: Polytonic Greek input?
> From: stefano.fran...@gmail.com
> To: lyx-users@lists.lyx.org
> Can anyone remind me of how to input Greek (polytonic) accents?
> I looked on the wiki, but I could not quite figure out how to enter
> the breathing accents. Searching the list did not help either. I used
> to know it, but I can't remember how I learned it...
> Thanks,
> Stefano
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