Dear Lyx-Users,

I have looked and read documentation and Googled for
hours and have yet to find answers to two questions.

My Lyx environment:

Lyx 2.1.0svn as of about a week ago.
TexLive2011 + updates also current about a week ago.

I have written a ~100 page document and would like
to accomplish two things.  While writing this document
I have been previewing it as a PDF and now have a nice
looking document.

I have been asked to prepare an HTML version of the
document. I have done so and it too looks really nice
with two minor (well maybe 1 1/2) flaws.

The first and most bothersome is that I have placed
some ERT to handle page numbering in the PDF output.

For the cover page:

and for general page numbering:
\lhead Name: \pagenumberingroman

This ERT appears in my HTML output when view in a

I would like to not need to modify the document
depending on the output form.  Is this possible?

Secondly, I would like the output to be one large
file but with defined page numbers just like the PDF.

I know about the pagination offered by elyxer, but
that breaks the document into separate files based
on document structure.  Not what I want.

I apologize if this is easy, I am by no means a Tex guru
and I realize this sort of thing was not part of the
original Tex program.

My docs are beautiful, and I offer my thanks to all
the developers.


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