On 04/26/2012 05:15 AM, Richard Heck wrote:
On 04/25/2012 11:59 PM, Raymond Lillard wrote:
Dear Lyx-Users,

I have looked and read documentation and Googled for
hours and have yet to find answers to two questions.

My Lyx environment:

Lyx 2.1.0svn as of about a week ago.
TexLive2011 + updates also current about a week ago.

I have written a ~100 page document and would like
to accomplish two things. While writing this document
I have been previewing it as a PDF and now have a nice
looking document.

I have been asked to prepare an HTML version of the
document. I have done so and it too looks really nice
with two minor (well maybe 1 1/2) flaws.

The first and most bothersome is that I have placed
some ERT to handle page numbering in the PDF output.

For the cover page:

and for general page numbering:
\lhead Name: \pagenumberingroman

This ERT appears in my HTML output when view in a
What are you using to produce the HTML output? LyX's own method should
not do this, and does not do it in the test I just ran.

$ elyxer --version
* eLyXer version 1.2.3 (2011-08-31)

When my document output format is set to HTML I get:
        Line 3: * Warning: unsupported new format version 430
        Line 149: * Unknown command \thispagestyle
        Line 192: * Unknown command \lhead
        Line 192: * Unknown command \pagenumbering
        Line 262: * Unknown command \pagenumbering
        Line 262: * Unknown command \topmargin
on STDERR from elyxer.

These unrecognized commands get passed through as plain
text in the HTML.

Sorry, but LyXHTML is too ugly for my taste.

I'm not clear on these things, but it looks like
Elyxer is not maintained by the Lyx project.  Should
I take silly little problem elsewhere?

I would like to not need to modify the document
depending on the output form. Is this possible?

You could use branches to turn things on and off.

Secondly, I would like the output to be one large
file but with defined page numbers just like the PDF.

I guess I don't really understand this. I'd be happy to add it to LyX's
XHTML output routine, but how does one know where to break the pages?

OK, I made an incorrect assumption when I wrote the above.
I didn't realize the HTML was being created directly from
lyx code.  I was thinking it was going through some common
intermediate format.  Since not, the problem is between me
and elyxer and probably insoluble since neither HTML or
Lyx code have a any concept of a letter sized page.

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