From: Chris Hennick []
Sent: Friday, April 27, 2012 1:36 AM

>On a related note, is there any way to set a target file path for PDF 
>rendering, so that I don't have to click >Save As in Adobe Reader? Then, I'd 
>be able to update my prof's snapshot with just one manual step.

There are a few approaches you could take here I think. One might be a copier. 
See section 3.2 in help > customization

Here is another way. You can run the command below. First test it out by 
running View > Toolbars > Command buffer (or Alt-x usually) and enter the 
following command there and press return. Don't forget to modify the folder you 
want and the pdf name that you want.

buffer-export-custom pdflatex pdflatex 
-output-directory=/dir/you/want/to/save/to -jobname=forProf $$FName

If that works, set a shortcut by going to tools > preferences > editing.


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