On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 3:51 AM, Pavel Sanda <sa...@lyx.org> wrote:
> Thomas Coffee wrote:
>> I have experienced unbearably sluggish scrolling and typing in LyX that
>> after much research I attribute to a poor interaction between Qt 4 and my
>> NVIDIA graphics card driver.
>> I solved these issues by starting LyX with:
>> lyx -graphicssystem raster
> I haven't heard about this workaround but it makes lot of sense. Many of
> slugish reports seems to be related to X<->drivers traffic. To check whether
> this is your case then try to scroll and look via e.g. top on the usage of
> your CPU - if X is taking 80-90% and LyX 10-20% then you have probably this
> kind of problem.

Not exactly on topic, but related to this issue for those on Linux
using proprietary nvidia drivers. Apparently, the latest version of
the driver, 295.40, suffers from some serious bug that tends to slow
down the system and occasionally max out X to 100% system resources,
with consequent freeze. The issue as surfaced among Archlinux users
and has also been reported elsewhere.  Some users have benefited from
downgrading to the previous version. Others, like me :-(, are still
waiting for a revised version to come from Nvidia.



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