2012/4/26 Peter Coles <coleszi...@gmail.com>:
> Stefano, Richard thanks.  After some toying, the following worked:
> 1) I added to the preamble the full block Richard described, replacing the
> <at>'s with at symbols (this replacement was probably obvious to everyone 
> except
> me.) I also changed the first line as you suggested.
> 2) I added   \setlength\itemindent{-.5in} to the block, and changed
> \leftmargin\labelwidth to \setlength\leftmargin{.5in}
> The bibliography style I am using, aea.bst, seems to use empty labels rather
> than, for example, numbers to enumerate bibliography items. Hence, rather than
> playing with the labelwidth, which had no effect for me, I indented by a
> negative amount and then shoved the whole list back to the right the same
> amount.
> A pain, but it's done!  Thanks, all.

Actually, since you use natbib, a simple
would have probably sufficed as well.


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